Santa Cruz County Alliance for Arts Education

I wanted to take a moment to share with you some exciting updates regarding the Santa Cruz County Alliance for Arts Education. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to lead this new county-wide advocacy initiative, through partnership with the California Alliance for Arts Education!

The goal of our Local Advocacy Network is to empower local community members to preserve and expand arts education in Santa Cruz County public schools through advocacy. The network will represent a cross section of community interests, including business, community, parent, education and arts organizations. Our united message will convey that an investment in arts education is an investment in the well-being of the larger community.

Our key objectives will be:
• To build a broad base of community support for arts education as an essential component of a comprehensive education for every child
• To identify a core leadership team to create and implement an annual advocacy action plan
• To convene and identify common concerns and goals with regard to arts education, who mobilize community support for arts education at the local and state levels.

Our mission is to advocate for arts education for all students in every school community in Santa Cruz County.

We envision a community where every student will receive sequential, standards-based K-12 arts education as an intrinsic part of the core curriculum.

We believe:

·       The Arts ensure that our students will be prepared for the 21st century work force.

·       The Arts develop those qualities intrinsic to the common core state standards: creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

·       The Arts awaken the full potential of every student.

·       The Arts break down barriers.

·       The Arts provide valuable learning opportunities to express Santa Cruz County’s diverse cultural heritages.

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When I graduated with a Masters Degree in Arts Management from the University of Oregon in 2011, I joined the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County team as the new Arts Education Manager.  What an incredibly amazing journey it has been! Although the perfect opportunity to apply all of my previous professional experience and all I learned in grad school, I had a bit of a learning curve coming to a new community, and had to fully immerse myself in my work, learning the nuances specific to Santa Cruz’s artistic, educational, and non-profit world, developing relationships, and strategizing how to best use my skills to make the most impact in my role here.

A large part of my role as Arts Education Manager is promoting strategic program development and capacity building, for county-wide arts education programs. This involves research of artistic and educational programs and services, curriculum standards and best practices, and coaching employees and professional artists to fully maximize their ability to teach and educate children during the school day and after school.

I have not had much opportunity to follow through with my personal blogging. I intend, now, to continue to make regular updates on work I am involved with, and things I am learning along the way.

my very own QR code

so, i figured it would be a good idea to know how to develop a QR code for the purpose of marketing arts museums, organizations, programs, and events. it is a great way to direct the more technologically savvy audiences to a specific website, phone number, or informational blog. so, why not create one for myself to help promote my website and online resume as i look for the arts career of my dreams?!

Art and Visual Literacy Graduate Teaching Fellow

I have the great opportunity to co-teach an undergraduate course in art and visual literacy to 81 students this term. I was able to implement a new blog site in order to more efficiently post, view, and comment on student assignments. It also hosts the syllabus, assignments, class powerpoints, and other resources and links. It has allowed for classroom discussions around the visual pieces selected and created by students in a lecture setting. I, personally, have been growing more comfortable speaking in front of large groups as a result as well.

Check out the course blog here:

Winter Term NEHS workshop with Jennifer Van Winkle and JSMA

the forest of REPAIR-ations, a collaborative, site-specific installation, was created for the the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art‘s Interactive Design Gallery (IDG) and lobby, which opened March 12, 2011. The installation included hand-made, free standing hammocks constructed from recycled materials, a forest made from reclaimed materials and a large-scale abacus that counts off consumption statistics. Soundscapes composed of natural and human made sounds were featured in the installation. Conceptually the forest of REPAIR-ations focused on the ideas of mending and making amends.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Jennifer Van Winkle, artist-in-residence, along with other university students, high school students and community members to create aspects of this interactive installation, and document the process. 

Official Blog Site

Student Blog Site

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Art & Society Field Guide: Eugene Fallen Fruit

This blog site contains information on the history, the art and culture of urban fruit gleaning. It contains links and resources to other fruit gleaning groups and organizations around the world. It also hosts an interactive google map where local community members may share information, resources, and fruit tree locations.